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Get the hair color of your dreams

Get the hair color of your dreams

If you’ve ever stayed up too late flipping through fashion magazines, pinning vibrant ’dos from Pinterest or watching rainbow-coiffed beauty vloggers, you probably know what it’s like to wish your hair had just a little more pizzazz. Well, fear not: the bridge between your own everyday hue and the latest trending color is just a phone call away.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to color—what looks great on a heavily filtered Insta-celebrity might not work in real life. That’s why we always recommend an extensive consultation prior to any color service. The right consultation enables stylists to take the trends and translate them into a look that’s uniquely you. Read on for a few of our favorites!

The beauty of bronde

Bronde hair trend

Everyone from Rihanna to Cara Delevingne is rocking one of 2017’s hottest shades: bronde.

This natural-looking hybrid of blonde and brunette flatters almost every skin tone—and your stylist will be able to make the tiny tweaks that make it truly your own. During the consultation, we’ll take your coloring, lifestyle and hair type into account to mix up a custom, just-for-you shade that you won’t find anywhere else.

Total “eclipt” of the heart

Did you know properly placed highlights actually help to sculpt your face? One of our favorite new color trends, eclipting, involves applying color in a way that actually flatters your bone structure (yes, really). Here’s how it works: just as light and dark colors on a contour palette can make certain areas of the face stand out or recede, light or dark colors in your hair can do the same thing. That’s why eclipting is so groundbreaking. Using this technique, we’re able to apply color to highlight your favorite features—think your striking eye color or beautiful, full lips—and minimize anything you aren’t so nuts about.

The big chill: pastel hair goes icy-cool

Trends are all about putting your own unique spin on what’s hot. To ensure get exactly the results you’re hoping for, we always recommend bringing in photographs to discuss with your stylist during the consultation. “Lavender hair” can mean any number of things—and photos can help ensure you get exactly the silvery-grey variety you’re hoping for.

While we’re on the topic, one of 2017’s standout hair trends is icy pastel hair. Technicolor hair has gone soft, muted and ever so pretty: think smoky lavenders, dusty rose and cool denim blue hues. Best of all, these colors fade out beautifully—so you won’t have to run back to the salon for a touchup the second you wash your hair.

Whatever color you’re dreaming up, the team at W Daly can make it happen. Go online or give us a call at 770.486.7222 to book an appointment!

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