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Summertime, and the braiding is easy

Summertime, and the braiding is easy

Source: W Daly


Pop quiz: Why are braids the greatest summer hairstyle? Is it because A. They’re a stylish way to keep hot, heavy hair off your neck. B. They’re simple to execute. C. They’re majorly trending right now, or D. All of the above?

OK, that was a pretty easy question—almost as easy as whipping up a beautiful braided ‘do. Whether you opt for a fishtail, French or milkmaid braid—or some other creative variation on the classic style—you’ll be sitting pretty at summer weddings, music festivals and wherever else the season takes you. Which is, perhaps, the very best thing about braids: this low-maintenance style lets you take your attention off your hair, and focus on having a great time instead.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite braided styles to inspire your next look. Read on, and prepare to unleash your creativity.

Bonnaroo babe

Of course, the most classic braided style is also the simplest: two long, face-framing plaits. Not only does this no-fuss style look chic, it also protects hair from sun, wind and breakage. That way, you can lose yourself in the music without worrying that your strands are taking a beating. (Bonus Tip: Spritz on Aveda Sun Veil for SPF and to control flyaways.)

This Coachella festivalgoer spiced up her braids with brilliantly chosen accessories: the blue petals give her a flower-child vibe, and let’s not overlook the fact that her braids are actually made of tiny braids! This braid-on-braid style is giving us life—and we love how she’s left the ends loose and casual. Paired with acid-washed shorts and a bell-sleeve blouse, it’s definitely a fest-dressed look.

Half up, half down, completely pretty

Another beautiful thing about braids: they’re versatile. Incorporate all your hair, or simply use a few well-placed micro braids to liven up a loose, wavy style. Here, W. Daly stylist Celeste created two braids at each temple: one thick and one thin. She then bobby-pinned them together at the back of the head for a crown-like effect. Straddling the line between casual and formal, it’s the perfect style for a summer soiree.

Up, up and away

This romantic braided updo looks great even on people with thin hair. The secret? Use Shampure Dry Shampoo for instant volume and the grip necessary to keep fine hair from sliding out of place. Once the braid is secured, gently pull on each section to loosen it up and create the appearance of fullness. Then proceed to dance the night away!

The best part of this braided updo? It’s really two styles in one. On day two, when you take the braids down, you’ll be left with long, loose waves and volume galore.

We hope you’re feeling just as smitten with braids as we are—and that you’ll come out and plait with us in Peachtree City or Newnan before your next beach vacation, summer wedding or music festival.

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