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You Need a Massage: The Benefits of Massage Therapy

You Need a Massage: The Benefits of Massage Therapy

If you’ve never had a massage before, you might imagine it as an indulgence reserved for people at resorts or on permanent vacations. And sure, a massage on the beach in Hawaii would be pretty great, but even when you’re back home, the benefits of regular massage therapy go far beyond luxury and relaxation.

Massage therapy by a qualified massage therapist can serve as a holistic therapeutic approach to such issues as stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, muscle stress and strain—especially pain in your neck, back and shoulders—and high blood pressure. Studies say that after massage therapy your body rests better, performs better, and recovers better from exercise or other stressers.

Massage helps improve circulation, flexibility and overall energy levels. And even a single Swedish massage session has been shown to increase your immune response, so you’re less likely to get sick during cold season.

Hot Stone? Acupressure? Chakra Balance?

Your wish is our command.

As part of your 30, 60, or 90-minute massages at W. Daly, we can use a combination of techniques, from relaxing Swedish massage, to therapeutic deep tissue massage meant to ease out your aches and pains, to foot reflexology and acupressure that can address specific areas in need of your massage therapist’s attention. You can also request a hot stone massage, during which warm basalt stones are placed on the body, encouraging warmth to go deep into your muscles for even greater relaxation.

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Schedule Time for Me-Time

Because life’s everyday stresses don’t take time off, we recommend that you book a massage weekly, monthly, or quarterly to be sure you have time built in to take care of yourself.

Whether you’re closer to our Peachtree City salon and spa or prefer to visit the W. Daly Salon Spa in Newnan, GA, we have a massage therapist for your needs, who is trained in all the best massage techniques, and who is able to use their knowledge of the body and therapy to customize your massage to your needs.

Book your next massage online today, or stop by either of our award-winning salons and spas to get your relaxation started tout de suite!

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